652611-B21 HP 300gb 6G 15k SAS Hot Swap Hard Disk Drive


Warranty: 12 Months



652611-B21, 653960-001, HP 300gb 6G 15k SFF (2.5inch) Hot Swap Hard Disk Drive

HP 6Gb/sec SAS Enterprise and Midline hard drives deliver high performance solutions for hosting high transaction based applications. Available in HP hot plug carriers or non-hot plug. The HP SAS Enterprise and Midline hard drives come in both 2.5in (SFF) and 3.5in (LFF) industry standard form factors and are available in a variety of capacity points to meet a wide range of requirements. The SAS interface was designed and engineered for high availability, enterprise-class data storage where performance, reliability and data integrity are crucial.

SAS, an evolution of parallel SCSI into a point-to-point serial peripheral interface in which controllers are linked directly to disk drives. SAS is a performance improvement over traditional SCSI because SAS enables multiple devices (up to 128) of different sizes and types to be connected simultaneously with thinner and longer cables; its full-duplex signal transmission supports 6.0Gb/s. In addition, SAS drives can be hot-plugged.


Product Specifications

Brand: Hewlett Packard

Model Number: 652611-B21

Device Type: Hard Drive Hotswap

Capacity: 300 GB

Form Factor: 2.5″ SFF

Interface: SAS 6Gb/s

Bytes per Sector: 512

Width: 3 in

Depth: 4.7 in

Height: 0.6 in

Weight: 25.57 oz

Compliant Standards: WEEE

Drive Transfer Rate: 600 MBps (external)

Seek Time: 2.9 ms (average) / 5.3 ms (max)

Track-to-Track Seek Time: 0.4 ms

Spindle Speed: 15000 rpm

Min Operating Temperature: 50 °F

Max Operating Temperature: 95 °F

Interfaces: 1 x SAS 6Gb/s

Compatible Bays: 1 x hot-swap – 2.5″ SFF

Designed For: HPE ProLiant BL460c Gen8 (2.5″), BL660c Gen8 (2.5″), BL660c Gen8 Performance (2.5″), BL660c Gen9 (2.5″), DL320e Gen8 (2.5″), DL320e Gen8 Base (2.5″), DL320e Gen8 Entry (2.5″), DL320e Gen8 Performance (2.5″), DL360e Gen8 (2.5″), DL360e Gen8 Base (2.5″), DL360e Gen8 Entry (2.5″), DL360e Gen8 Special Server (2.5″), DL360p Gen8 (2.5″), DL360p Gen8 CMS (2.5″), DL360p Gen8 Performance (2.5″), DL380e Gen8 (2.5″), DL380e Gen8 Entry (2.5″), DL380e Gen8 High Performance (2.5″), DL380e Gen8 Storage (2.5″), DL380p Gen8 Performance (2.5″), DL385p Gen8 (2.5″), DL385p Gen8 Dedicated Workload (2.5″), DL385p Gen8 Entry (2.5″), DL385p Gen8 Maximized Consolidation (2.5″), DL385p Gen8 Storage (2.5″), DL385p Gen8 Storage Centric (2.5″), DL560 Gen8 (2.5″), DL560 Gen8 Base (2.5″), DL560 Gen8 Entry (2.5″), DL560 Gen8 Performance (2.5″), MicroServer Gen8 (2.5″), MicroServer Gen8 Base (2.5″), MicroServer Gen8 Base Starter Kit (2.5″), MicroServer Gen8 Entry (2.5″), ML110e Gen8 (2.5″), ML310e Gen8 (2.5″), ML310e Gen8 Base (2.5″), ML310e Gen8 Entry (2.5″), ML310e Gen8 Performance (2.5″), ML310e Gen8 v2 Base (2.5″), ML350e Gen8 (2.5″), ML350e Gen8 v2 (2.5″), ML350p Gen8 (2.5″), ML350p Gen8 Special Server (2.5″), SL210t Gen8 (2.5″), SL210t Gen8 1U Node (2.5″), SL250s Gen8 2U PCIe Gen3 Left Tray (2.5″), SL250s Gen8 2U PCIe Gen3 Right Tray (2.5″), SL250s Gen8 Left Tray (2.5″), SL250s Gen8 Right Tray (2.5″), SL270s Gen8 1U Left Half Width Tray (2.5″), SL270s Gen8 1U Right Half Width Tray (2.5″), SL270s Gen8 Base 4U Left Half Width Tray (2.5″), SL270s Gen8 Base 4U Right Half Width Tray (2.5″), SL270s Gen8 SE 4U Left Tray (2.5″), SL270s Gen8 SE 4U Right Tray (2.5″), SL4540 Gen8 (2.5″), SL4540 Gen8 Tray 2x Node Server (2.5″), WS460c Gen8 (2.5″), WS460c Gen9 Graphics (2.5″), WS460c Gen9 Graphics Expansion (2.5″), XL220a Gen8 v2 (2.5″), XL230a Gen9 Compute Tray (2.5″), XL230a Gen9 Compute Tray (12G) (2.5″), XL230a Gen9 Compute Tray (6G) (2.5″)


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Additional information

Additional information

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