ST336607LC Seagate Cheetah 36gb U320 10k 80pin disk drive


Warranty: 12 Months



ST336607LC, Seagate Cheetah 36gb Ultra320 10,000RPM 80pin Disk Drive

ST336607LC drives are ideal for High-end enterprise workstations and servers, data warehousing and data mining, multiuser media applications, storage area networks (SAN), Digital audiovisual A/V and image processing, Graphics and medial imaging, and Internet and e-commerce servers and applications.

The Cheetah 10K.6 is Seagate’s sixth-generation 10K RPM high performance, high capacity disc drive. With the fastest interfaces, the highest reliability and the most mature product design, the Cheetah 10K.6 enables the lowest ownership cost. In data intensive environments, increasing the capacity per disc drive lowers ownership costs by deploying fewer systems that use less cubic feet of space requiring less infrastructure such as cabinets, HBAs and less wattage of power. Dell PN# M3634, 0M3634, 1R179, 01R179. ST336607LC work perfectly in Dell Poweredge Servers, Third Party Servers and Workstations, as well as Gateway Machines.

Cheetah 10K.6 SCSI drives combine giant magnetoresistive (GMR) heads, partial response/maximum likelihood (PRML) read channel electronics, embedded servo technology, and a wide Ultra320 SCSI interface to provide high performance, high capacity data storage for a variety of systems including engineering workstations, network servers, mainframes, and supercomputers. Ultra320 SCSI uses negotiated transfer rates. These transfer rates will occur only if your host adapter supports these data transfer rates and is compatible with the required hardware requirements of the I/O circuit type. This drive also operates at SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 data transfer rates for backward compatibility with non-Ultra/Ultra2/Ultra320 SCSI host adapters.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Lower ownership cost
  • Super-fast data transfer rates
  • Great value
  • 3-year warranty
  • High-end enterprise workstations
  • Data warehousing and data mining
  • Multiuser multimedia
  • Storage area networks (SAN)
  • Digital audiovisual (A/V) and image processing
  • Graphics and medial imaging
  • Internet and e-commerce servers

Product Specifications

Brand: Seagate

Part Number: ST336607LC

Device Type: Hard drive – hot-swap

Capacity: 36.7 GB

Form Factor: 3.5″ x 1/3H

Interface: Ultra320 SCSI

Connector: 80 pin Centronics (SCA-2)

Buffer Size: 8 MB

Features: 3D Defense System, SeaShell, Seagate’s Advanced Multidrive System (SAMS) , S.M.A.R.T.

Width: 4 in

Depth: 5.7 in

Height: 1 in

Weight: 1.5 lbs

Drive Transfer Rate: 320 MBps (external)

Internal Data Rate: 105 MBps

Seek Time: 4.7 ms (average)

Track-to-Track Seek Time: 0.3 ms

Average Latency: 2.99 ms

Spindle Speed: 10000 rpm

MTBF: 1,200,000 hours

Recoverable Errors: 10 per 10^12

Non-Recoverable Errors: 1 per 10^15

Seek Errors: 10 per 10^8

Interfaces: 1 x Ultra320 SCSI – 80 pin Centronics (SCA-2)

Compatible Bays: 1 x hot-swap – 3.5″ x 1/3H

Min Operating Temperature: 41 °F

Max Operating Temperature: 131 °F

Humidity Range Operating: 0 – 95%

Shock Tolerance: 25 g @ 2ms half-sine pulse (operating) / 225 g @ 2ms half-sine pulse (non-operating)

Vibration Tolerance: 0.5 g @ 22-350 Hz (operating) / 5 g @ 22-350 Hz (non-operating)

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
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