Chances are you may have come across items that were labelled “Renew, Refurbished, Re-certified, Reconditioned, Re-manufactured” and you may have simply thought they were used products. Well, “Refurbished” isn’t just another word for “used”. Used product is one that someone has bought, used, and sold. Refurbished products may have been used but they are not simply sold after the use. Refurbished products are carefully tested and brought to functionally factory standards. Items are vigorously tested multiple times throughout the refurbishment process to ensure component and system reliability. Therefore, buying a “Refurbished” product is quite different from buying a “Used” Product.

Advantages of buying “Refurbished” Products

  • The biggest advantage of buying refurbished computer parts rather than new ones is the “price factor”. Refurbished parts are marked down 60% or more in price. So for example, you could spend over $200 for a quad port network card if you buy it new, compare it with $50 for the same exact network card in a refurbished condition. You save $150 dollars and the savings can increase significantly if you have to purchase more than one card. In addition, refurbished network card can last for well over 3-5 years.
  • Many refurbished products come with warranties. This may vary from seller to seller. Here at PartSourceOnline, we offer 1-year warranty on all refurbished products. We understand that customers do not want to sacrifice reliability for cost. Hence, we stand behind our products and offer worry free, hassle free, 1-year warranty on all refurbished products.
  • As we are all well aware, that manufacturers discontinue older model items as they manufacturer newer model products. At times, it is extremely difficult to find a good old part in a new condition – and if you find one it may be too expensive and out of warranty from the manufacturer due to shelf life. It therefore makes sense to spend a fraction of the cost in buying the product as refurbished (like new) with warranty


Do you offer warranty on refurbished products and how long is the warranty.

Yes, we offer 1-year warranty on all refurbished products.

Are your refurbished products Repaired items?

No, we do not repair products to resell. Our refurbished products are simply pulled out of system, data wiped, tested to ensure they meet factory performance standards.

Can I get refund if I return a refurbished product?

Yes, products ship with 30-days refund policy and 1-year replacement warranty.

How fast can you ship refurbished products?

All items are in stock and can ship same day as ordered if ordered on a working day and before 3PM EST.

How are the products packaged.

All items are packaged according to industry standard guidelines. Products are shipped in an anti-static bags with proper cushioning to ensure safe delivery to the destination.

Can you blind ship refurbished products?

Yes, we do not include any pricing information or invoice with the packages. Additionally, you may always email us your packing list if you wish us to send it with the package.

What is the physical condition of a refurbished product.

All our refurbished products are checked for quality (both physically and functionally). Products will be shipped in excellent condition and packaging.

How long can a refurbished drive function before it’s dead?

Generally speaking, a hard drive can run up to 10-12 years. We have certainly come across drives that have run for 15 years. There is no specific way of telling how long a particular drive will last. However, rest assured, we would not sell a refurbished drive unless we know that it is free of errors, fully functional and will work for several more years (2-5 years).

Does the Manufacturer date determine lifespan of a hard drive or computer component?

Not really, It simply tells you when it was manufactured and perhaps manufacturer warranty on the drive. Most drives have shelf life or are running in machine without real data intensive function as they are either backup drives or hot spare server drives (drives running on a server just incase another drive fails)